Testimony from a Survivor about Golden Rule Tattoo artist Cerny

Cerny, the impact you have made in my life is more then I could ever put into words. The weight that was lifted off me with just the first session was completely unexpected.

After the second session, I literally felt an immediate disconnect from [my abuser] like never before. A sense of accomplishment that something so huge was lifted off me, I feel like a whole new person.

He used to consume my mind every single day. This is the first time in TEN years, and ENTIRE DEDCADE, I could go a whole day without thinking about him or hearing his negative voice in my head, telling me I am not worthy of anything that makes me happy.

He is now nothing but a lesson learned. I now have this beautiful tattoo that is a meaningful symbol of my daughters, who saved my life. The level of danger I was living in reached the point where I saw it was affecting them too, and they are the reason I found the strength to leave for good.

[Cerny you] have shown me that men can be kind, and genuine. Growing up I have been surrounded by many men who just see me like my ex, a piece of property to use how they please. Keep up the good work! You are changing lives more then you may ever realize.