• UBER — February 2018 Spotlight

In corporations and businesses across the nation, survivor advocates are rising up. The changes these companies are striving for — and achieving — enable brighter futures for survivors, allies, and their families.

Thank you for your willingness to #KickAtDarkness.


Since 2015,Uber is the first on-demand company to sign the The Code to protect children from trafficking; to develop resources all across our nation, Uber has teamed up with:

Uber launched a nationwide campaign that trains their over 750,000 drivers how to identify and report human trafficking.

“This week, pledging its commitment to help end human trafficking, Uber has partnered with leading organizations to provide education and awareness to all driver-partners across the United States….”

— Tracey Breeden, Safety Communications Lead & Former Police Detective

“Seeing Uber really take a stand and train their employees and the people who drive for them on how to spot human trafficking is going to help save lives…”

— Toni McKinley, Survivor

“We are excited to pair Uber’s expertise in technology and innovation with our expertise in preventing and responding to sexual violence…. This is an opportunity to make lasting, impactful changes to the safety needs across the entire commuter transportation industry…”

— Kristen Houser, Raliance Spokesperson