Lives Changed Because of the Warrior Kits

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During a period of time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and anxious, I kept my super-cozy warrior scarf with me day and night. Something about the texture, the softness, the warmth — brought me instant safety, courage, strength, comfort. Ah, now that I’m thinking about it again today, I’ve pulled it back out because I miss it! Thank you to all whose donations and hard work make this possible!” — Survivor JS | Scarves by Mary’s Gifts of Comfort

“[The marble sleeve is] keeping me calm as I drive…this kit is the coolest present I’ve ever received.” — Survivor M

“[The marble sleeve] …is with me always. I carry it in my pocket when I have to face this healing journey. It helps me ground when I am triggered from a memory or having to face my abuser.” — Survivor Ann

“I had forgotten what it was like to journal. Then I got my Warrior Kit and I saw the pen and notebook. I have cried so much at how I feel heard and like maybe I am not alone in this. Remembering it’s okay to write out the hurt has helped me. I’m healing. Thank you.” — Survivor Erica

“The journal — composition book — made me laugh at first. Like school. But then I realized I could put the pain in words. Leave them on the page. Also I could put the promises I am learning in therapy healing in there. Words in a language like it’s hope. All because I got a kit from a nonprofit showing me I am not alone. I am here. I am heard. I will succeed. Thank you for the hope in the gifts and this book. I think I’m going to have to get another one soon. This one is almost full. And it feels great.” — Survivor Amanda

“My Warrior Kit had a little bag of lavender tea. Like a pile of smelly purple goodness. I held it in my hand, smelling it and it felt like my spine dropped the anxiety from my skull. I keep it with me all the time in my pocket through the whole day. All my therapy appointments. Thank you to that person out there who made it for me. I smell light and hope.” — Survivor L | Tea from PuraTea Water

“[breathing deeply] ohhhh. It feels like my soul is getting a hug. Or a lifeline. Or a connection. There is hope.” — Survivor Vanessa | Tea from PuraTea Water