Lives Changed Because of the #WarriorKits

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“…our crisis team has been using the Warrior Kits during

initial face-to-face meetings with clients who are in crisis

The clients new to services have something tangible to take home

that reminds them of new skills they were taught in screening…

Thank you again for these…

they are making a difference in the lives of many!”

Trauma Healing Services | Division of La Frontera Empact-SPC

During a period of time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and anxious, I kept my super-cozy warrior scarf with me day and night. Something about the texture, the softness, the warmth — brought me instant safety, courage, strength, comfort. Ah, now that I’m thinking about it again today, I’ve pulled it back out because I miss it! Thank you to all whose donations and hard work make this possible!” — Survivor JS | Scarves by Mary’s Gifts of Comfort

“[The marble sleeve is] keeping me calm as I drive…this kit is the coolest present I’ve ever received.” — Survivor M

“[The marble sleeve] …is with me always. I carry it in my pocket when I have to face this healing journey. It helps me ground when I am triggered from a memory or having to face my abuser.” — Survivor Ann

“I had forgotten what it was like to journal. Then I got my Warrior Kit and I saw the pen and notebook. I have cried so much at how I feel heard and like maybe I am not alone in this. Remembering it’s okay to write out the hurt has helped me. I’m healing. Thank you.” — Survivor Erica

“The journal — composition book — made me laugh at first. Like school. But then I realized I could put the pain in words. Leave them on the page. Also I could put the promises I am learning in therapy healing in there. Words in a language like it’s hope. All because I got a kit from a nonprofit showing me I am not alone. I am here. I am heard. I will succeed. Thank you for the hope in the gifts and this book. I think I’m going to have to get another one soon. This one is almost full. And it feels great.” — Survivor Amanda

“My Warrior Kit had a little bag of lavender tea. Like a pile of smelly purple goodness. I held it in my hand, smelling it and it felt like my spine dropped the anxiety from my skull. I keep it with me all the time in my pocket through the whole day. All my therapy appointments. Thank you to that person out there who made it for me. I smell light and hope.” — Survivor L | Tea from PuraTea Water

“[breathing deeply] ohhhh. It feels like my soul is getting a hug. Or a lifeline. Or a connection. There is hope.” — Survivor Vanessa | Tea from PuraTea Water

“PTSD triggers are never welcome, but they can be incredibly difficult to navigate in spaces with other people, especially in a professional environment.

I had a work trip that was going to be potentially triggering on many levels, with a previous one leaving me fighting off a severe panic attack as I was trying to board a flight. Fearing the same issues this time around, I reached out for support ideas, and BilliJoy suggested the scarf from the Warrior Kit. It was the perfect tool.

Because where I was going was cooler, the scarf blended in perfectly with my work attire and therefore gave me something that was inconspicuous to others but worked as an ever-present grounding tool for me. Just casually grabbing onto it helped remind me that what was being triggered was in the past and where I was now was a completely different circumstance — and one where I was safe.

What is so spectacular about the full Kick at Darkness Warrior Kits is that their contents reflect the fact that — while we all have tools that speak to us and better help us ground/distract/cope more than others — there isn’t just one tool that works for any one person in every circumstance.

Having these kits on hand lets us figure out the range of tools that we can best incorporate into our lives so that when we are faced with our next unexpected or overwhelming trial, we already know what to turn to to help.” 

— Survivor C | Scarves from Mary’s Gifts of Comfort