What Are Forensic Nurses? (ForensicNurses.org)

  • Health professionals
    • Trained to treat trauma
    • AND collect evidence and prepare to testify to what they found
  • Extra training in injury identification, evaluation, and documentation for: 
    • Sexual assault (as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners or SANEs)
    • Domestic violence
    • Child abuse and neglect
    • Elder mistreatment
    • Death investigation
    • Corrections
    • Aftermath of mass disasters

What Are SANE Nurses? (ForensicNurses.org)

  • Forensic nurses
  • Specially trained to work with victims of sexual assault & abuse

How Do Forensic/SANE Nurses Help? (Nurse.org)

  • Document injuries and evidence for the detectives to use to compile a case
  • Offer comfort and support to the survivor through the grueling exams


* * Please note that these videos may be hard for some viewers to watch. Self-care is important.
Forensic Nurses Make Digital Stories:
A Forensic Nurse Tells How the Victim Impacts Her Still Today: