In the Phoenix Metro area, we have partners who volunteer their time to provide tattoo coverups for both trauma-related tattoos as well as self-harm scars.

We care deeply that our survivors are surrounded by support when they receive gifts like tattoo coverups as the emotions can be incredibly intense.


Tattoo Coverup of Trauma-Related Tattoos

This is a service that can be for a survivor at any stage of their healing (from just rescued to years after the trauma). We require that the survivor is not alone on their healing journey and is surrounded by support (find help here). The tattoo must be something that was related to their trauma and is hindering their life or their healing (i.e. abuser’s name, pimp’s branding).

What Is a Tattoo Coverup for Trauma-Related Tattoos?

  • When a tattoo is placed over an existing tattoo to make the original non-existent

How Is This Beneficial to Survivors?

  • The tattoo from an abuser is no longer seen daily by the survivor
    • This allows the survivor to HEAL with a fresh start
  • Covering branding or bar coding from pimps
    • Covered for the survivor’s safety
    • Allows new road of healing for survivor

Tattoo Coverup of Self-Harm Scars

This is a service that needs to be for survivors who are no longer self-harming. The survivor needs to be surrounded by support and not have harmed for at least one year.

What Is a Tattoo Coverup for Trauma-Related Tattoos?

  • When a tattoo is placed over the scars left from self-harming

How Is This Beneficial to Survivors?

Scars stay with us, and when they stay with the shame attached from self-harming behaviors, it can dramatically hinder healing. This is an opportunity for the survivor to transform the reminders of pain and hopelessness into something of beauty and safety.

Apply for a Tattoo Coverup of Either Tattoos or Self-Harm Scars

Important: we apologize that due to changes from the pandemic, the waitlist for this service is longer than normal. If you do not hear from our team within a few weeks of application, please send a follow-up email to to receive an update on the status of your application.