501c3 Nonprofit | Tax-Deductible Giving

We believe every response — ESPECIALLY YOUR RESPONSE can help change the lives of survivors. Together, we will help survivors through their healing journeys.

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We believe  no survivor (of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking, child abuse, or hate crimes) should ever have to pay for their own healing. 


  • KICK: the darkness down, shattering the shame of sexual assault and interpersonal violence
  • INSPIRE: the community to join forces and provide a way of recovery for survivors
  • CREATE: roads of change where survivors can safely re-enter the world as they heal
  • KEEP: providing ways for organizations that help survivors to get their tools and information to the survivors and the community
  • AWARENESS: building—a bridge throughout the community to end sexual assault and interpersonal violence
  • TRANSFORMATION: of the culture’s erroneous mindset about sexual assault and interpersonal violence
  • DARE: to start by believing and reach survivors at the start of their journeys as well as down the road
  • ARM-IN-ARM: collaborate with other organizations (local and national) to create change
  • RESPOND: by helping to teach appropriate responses to sexual assault and interpersonal violence
  • KALEIDOSCOPE: of all survivors—no matter age, race, creed, orientation, status, or gender
  • NURTURE: hope and help for survivors by fighting for legislature and policy change
  • END: victim blaming and shaming by opening the community’s eyes to survivors
  • STAND: with survivors and allies to change the world
  • SUPPORT: survivors through their healing journey—however long it takes