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Arizona State Helpline: (877) 235-7268

BACA has chapters all across America and around the world. The goal: to make sure that no child ever has to live in fear by empowering them. They stand alongside, work  in conjunction with state officials to ensure the safety of the child.

How Does BACA Work?

There are only three requirements for a child to be helped through BACA:

  1. They must be a child (under 18 years)
  2. They must have a history of trauma
  3. They must be living in fear

When BACA works with a child, they have an initial meeting with the child (usually at their home). A team of bikers come and induct the child into their new biker family. They give the child their own vest and a name (like Rockstar or Hero).

The child is then given the name and number of two BACA members they can reach out to 24/7. If the child is unable to sleep, a team of BACA will come stand guard outside their door. If they are afraid to go to court, BACA will walk with them and sit with them — with the SOLE goal of empowering the child and not to intimidate.

Children in BACA stay in connection with their group until they are 18.

How Do You Reach BACA?


Phone numbers

  • International Number: 1 (866) 71-ABUSE or 1 (866) 712-2873
  • Arizona State Helpline: 1 (877) 235-7268

Interview with Spike & Grumpy from BACA Arizona: 

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) & KAD

Earlier this month, at Take Back the Night Phoenix, our president was able to interview two members of Bikers Against Child Abuse International to find out what they do, as well as their greatest needs. Take a look!

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