Update from Our President: BilliJoy Carson

This March has been a full month of events, changes, and trying to hold on for dear life as the road unfolds before us at Kick at Darkness.

Warrior Sword & Shield Kits

Because of your donations, we have been able to put together Warrior Sword & Shield kits to give to survivors as they are on their journeys of healing. These kits include items that engage all the senses and help facilitate grounding for the survivor.

You can read the cover letter we include with the kits here. Each kit is slightly different and varies in size according to the need.

We were able to bring pieces of these Warrior S & S kits to a #MeToo event hosted downtown where survivors were able to share their stories — some for the first time — in a safe and supportive environment. We also brought them to a women’s conference where survivors had access to them if they became overwhelmed or needed grounding.

Example of Our Kits at an Event:

An important piece of the kits are the scarves that are made with soft yarn — by Mary’s Gifts of Comfort & her volunteers. The scarves allow the survivor to feel its softness, wrap themselves in it, or lace their fingers through the material in order to be comforted and helped to ground in the present.

The response from survivors has been HUGE on how helpful the kits are. We look forward to building more!

Self-Defense Classes: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix

The Women Empowered program teaches women how defend themselves specifically against sexual assault. Several survivors are currently in the program and due to the events that Kick at Darkness is able to take part in, more are lining up to get a KAD scholarship so they can partake in this healing class.

The students are taught at their speed and the staff and instructors are trauma-informed and experienced in dealing with PTSD moments. The class is not unique to survivors, and is open to ALL women.

Tattoo Cover-Up for Survivors

We continue to be grateful for our allies at Golden Rule Tattoo and Cardiff Giant Tattoo. Their aid in helping our survivors cover up tattoos and scars — and being willing to be a call away for emergency cover-up is phenomenal (and their work is amazing!).

Speaking & Standing Alongside Community

I have had the opportunity and honor to speak at several venues throughout March — from the #MeToo event supporting survivors to a guest lecture at a university class for future youth workers. I thrive in knowing I can use my story, my passion, and this nonprofit to begin to wield change in our world.

Take Back the Night Phoenix

Coming up on April 6th is Take Back the Night Phoenix at Civic Space Park from 5-9pm.

  • This event is a place to provide education to the community about sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Community services, organizations, and allies table with their information and exhibits
  • Four survivors are speaking and sharing their stories

I was honored to be invited to be at the survivor speakers’ meeting as they prepared for the night. They are badass warriors with phenomenal stories — and KAD was able to bless each of them with Warrior Sword & Shield Kits. Don’t miss these survivors’ stories. They are AMAZING and will change your perspective on hope, endurance, and comfort.


April is sexual assault awareness month. I will be speaking in several venues this month — from businesses training their teams how to be aware of survivors all the way to religious institutions learning how to accurately approach the survivors in their congregations.

I look forward to every opportunity to speak and bring awareness, and am stoked that I can bring Kick at Darkness’ mission to more and more people. No survivor should ever have to pay for their own healing. Let’s #CommunityUp and change the future for survivors and their families.

If you know of anyone who would like me to come and speak or do a training, contact me at billijoy@kickatdarkness.com.

Thank you all for standing alongside us as we #RiseUp to help survivors, bring awareness, and Kick at Darkness. You make it all possible.

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