The start of 2018 has been a whirlwind of change for survivors, for their families, and for the world as a whole. From #MeToo to #TimesUp . . . from the giant of Nassar being taken down to his army of survivors rising up.

Change is arriving. It is our job to make sure it doesn’t recede into the darkness.


Twenty percent of our population are survivors of some form of sexual assault or domestic violence. Now that awareness has risen as to their presence in every walk of life — so must the answer to their plight. On average, for one assault, a survivor must come up with $122k lifetime funds for their healing — from something they did not ask for and did not cause.


WE are the answer. Us. Our community. Together, WE can stand and lift this burden. We can rise up to meet the healers that already providing trauma-informed healing and pave the way for the survivors.

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One of KAD’s goals is to help trauma-informed organizations and services create an easy-to-replicate structure of functions & trainings for other organizations who want to work with survivors. This would provide a safer road for survivors in the future to be able to find healing that is both accurate and trauma-informed.

Last month, our President (BilliJoy Carson), traveled to Denver to speak with and interview trauma-informed organizations and members of the industry who are paving new pathways in the world of survivors.

The Blue Bench

BilliJoy was thrilled to discover that The Blue Bench is very prepared with trauma-informed training, programs, and structure both for survivors and education in the community.

KAD will be communicating with them in the future on how we can network with both their teams and the team at Trauma Healing Services here in AZ in order to begin the structure & outline for future duplication.


The Synergy Collective

We are also working with teams from the Synergy Collective and members of Denver’s community who are developing retreats for survivors dealing with PTSD that will involve health and wellness as well as equine (horse) therapy.

This planning is at the beginning stages, but we are extremely excited about it.


Susanne E. Jalbert, PhD

BilliJoy was able to meet with the amazing Susanne E. Jalbert and learn, glean, and discuss ways to empower our world, our community, and our people.

Their talks specifically focused on how to incite independent volunteers to help create legislative changes that benefit survivors and help solve the problems entwined within our system that allow perpetrators to face very few consequences for their actions.


This month, BilliJoy is interviewing an Arizona sex-crimes detective and a SANE nurse to find out the exact process that Arizona has in place for survivors, the evidence, and the case.

The goal: to have an easy-to-follow outline for health workers, advocates, survivors, schools, and community in Arizona to understand every step to get help and justice after an assault.


Take Back the Night Phoenix is coming on Friday, April 6!

At the KAD  fundraising events, we have been helping raise operating costs for this event as well. The total annual need is $7500.

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