So much has been going on this month (so much so, that we are sliding our newsletter in by the skin of our teeth under May 1st’s opening)!

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A little of what has happened this month:

  • Town halls from Uber and ACESDV to talk about the need for rape crisis centers (and BilliJoy got to meet Ebony Tucker from National Alliance to End Sexual Violence!)

  • Our president, BilliJoy, met with Senator Meza and shadowed him to find out why Arizona has no funds for sexual assault, and why there are no rape crisis centers in AZ

  • Our Sword & Shield Warrior Kits have been distributed to survivors who are learning how to survive PTSD
  • BilliJoy spoke at Uber as a survivor to help bring awareness about the impact first-responders have on a survivor’s journey
  • April 6 was Take Back the Night Phoenix, and Kick at Darkness had a survivor clothing exhibit to answer the inexcusable question: “what were you wearing when you were assaulted”

What Are Some Things to Look Forward to Next Month?

  • NO MORE will be interviewing BilliJoy for their blog on survivors and those fighting to change our world
  • Teaming up with ACESDV, Senator Meza, and Uber to get the fight for a rape crisis center in Arizona!

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