Survivor Shootout is when both retired and current officers take survivors to a gun range and teach them how to handle, respect, and use guns. Many survivors own guns and carry them without knowing how to operate or properly use them.

The officers teach the survivors how to hold the guns, respect the guns, and use the guns — all while showing the survivors they are WORTH being protected and are capable of learning.

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Hear What Survivors Have to Say

Survivor M’s Testimonial:

“I also participated in the Survivor Shootout at Shooter’s World.

I own a gun, and the only way to gain confidence in carrying safely and to become proficient in using it accurately, is to practice.

Taking instruction from trained, experienced, professionals takes “practice” to a new level of awesome!

I felt so comfortable with the instructors guiding me—and watching them teach brand new shooters was incredible.

I felt in control and empowered. I walked away from the range feeling self-confident, prepared and the anxiety that I had previously felt when carrying my gun was gone!”

Survivor CM’s Testimonial: 

“The Survivor Shootout was another amazing experience: it is the safest I have ever felt around a gun…and the most I have ever learned how to use a gun as well.

Having a supportive group of people to share these experiences and struggles with is priceless.”

Survivor K’s Testimonial: 

“The survivor shootout gave me the opportunity to practice the basics and improve my skills alongside trusted friends and support.

I recently started carrying again, and had been reluctant to go to the range on my own.”