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Dear allies, survivors, sponsors, heroes, and Batman (you never know),

So much is happening. I have been attempting to write this update for weeks now. Let me pour my soul upon this page and share with you where we are in the process of everything. (And please share this update far and wide)!

We Have Accomplished MUCH, Still Running


Lives are ALREADY Being Touched and Helped

1. Women’s Self-Defense Classes for Survivors
  • The self-defense jiu-jitsu classes for survivors at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix were PHENOMENALLY successful in the lives of survivors 
  • We received SO many stories and calls from survivors feeling encouraged, empowered, and for the first time a little safer
  • We were able to raise $500!!! for the survivor event of Take Back the Night Phx 
  • We look forward to what lives will be changed and helped in the future by teaming up with Adam and Krystyn at Gracie JJ Phx (which we can do officially as Kick at Darkness once we are up and over this hill, but not before, so please help push!)
2. Take Back the Night Phx
We just finished our first big event on April 7 at Civic Space Park ( What a TOTAL honor that was to MC and be able to stand amongst GIANTS and HEROES in the healing world. My soul is so moved by the depth of healing that takes place there. It is wonderful to be running and fighting for a cause surrounded by intense supporters and badass survivors who are sharing their stories for the first time—and being HEARD safely, supported, and to watch them celebrate freedom. THAT is changing the world, people!
NOTE: If you know of any survivors who need advocates, therapists, or support groups, Trauma Healing Services(host of Take Back the Night Phx, and a division of LaFrontera) is AMAZING. They can be reached at 480.736.4949for Arizona survivors. [For any other state, please visit to find help].
  • At the event, we had our Kick at Darkness booth set up, several volunteers to help (shout out of thanks!)
  • For photos toward the project, we got 8 survivors + 7 healers
  • AND we are continuing to collect photos and compile the project (see link and info below)


Our photo project is to use fluorite rocks (seen below).
  • Have the colors of teal (sexual assault) and purple (domestic violence)
    • To be represented in photos with survivors
  • We are taking seventeen pounds of these rocks with us when we speak on April 28 as Keynote speakers for the court system of Arizona
  • We will show the video of the survivors holding the rocks, and there will be a voice over and music; hoping and praying it turns out as powerful as it possibly can be
  • The goal: show how many survivors there are. AND that holding this pile alone is impossible for very long, AND if we all take a rock…we can move a mountain and help EVERY survivor
Image below: Fluorite rocks
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Image below: At Take Back the Night Phx;
Tracey Breeden on the right (the esteemed VP of Kick at Darkness) alongside BilliJoy on the left 🙂
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Upcoming Schedule for Kick at Darkness

  • Thursday: 4/13/17 I meet at a studio for the recording of the music and the voiceover for the video. Definitely nervous, but trusting it will be powerful and perfectly what it is supposed to be
  • Friday: 4/14/17 Kick at Darkness is involved in taking survivors to a Survivor Shootout where they can safely learn how to handle guns and learn to shoot
  • Friday: 4/28/17 speaking at the court conference alongside Tracey Breeden (pictured above) from Shatter It; bringing the awareness of survivors and their journeys to the forefront; sharing about Kick at Darkness and our passion

The Website

Our site is slowly being built (I am building it, but able to reach out to my superhero #JohnPaul  in emergencies—THANK YOU, JP!).

What Is on the Site (or Will Be)? (open to ideas!)

  • Opportunities to team up with survivors (coming)
  • Places to support and raise support for survivors (coming)
  • Our partners (coming)
  • Tools for survivors, allies, families, and trauma therapists (coming)
  • Where to find help
  • Triggered Tab: (my personal FAVORITE to help people through hard times)
    • Apps
      • Interactive coloring books (up and running SERIOUSLY MY FAV)
        • Drawing
        • Coloring
        • Printing
        • ALSO a way for survivors who want to have their art turned into coloring books on the site!
      • Coloring Apps (up and running)
      • Journalling Apps (up and running)
      • Anxiety and PTSD apps (coming)
      • Any other tool of app we can find to help
    • Communities
      • Links to already-created places people can get help or be heard (coming)
    • Playlists
      • Music Videos (created playlists of songs survivors listen to when stressed)
      • Comedians (playlists of many comedians to distract during distressing times)
      • Animal Videos (to comfort and distract)
    • Reading (coming)
      • Links to books for helps for survivors, allies, families, therapists…
      • Survivors sharing their favorite reading lists
    • Self-Care (coming)
      • Tips and tricks on self care
      • Worksheets for survivors
      • Anything else we brainstorm
    • Tools (coming)
      • Links to videos for people to learn about survivors or allies
      • Needed  worksheets or books
      • Anything else we brainstorm

Business & Financial Side KAD Update: Real & Transparent

Nonprofit Road 

  • Articles & Bylaws: FILED!!! 
    • Our attorney has helped prepare, create, edit, and file the articles and bylaw
    • They were filed last week ($75 fee)
  • Board of Directors & Officers — we still need our other two positions filled (people can contact me for applications)
    • President: Billi Joy Carson
    • VP: Tracey Breeden
    • Secretary — Billi Joy Carson (temporary standing until filled)
    • Treasurer — Billi Joy Carson (temporary standing until filled)
  • Next up: meeting with a CPA to create a business plan and file with the IRS to be officially a nonprofit
    • The three people we had met with have fallen through, and we are scrambling to get this taken care of
    • This will require a retainer of approximately $3500 + unknown filing fee
    • The filing fees will then be $850 with the IRS

EXPENSES Paid So Far (by BilliJoy Carson as loans to Kick at Darkness — max reached): -$3,865

1. Business & Legal
    • Name reservation with the AZ Corp Comm (Kick at Darkness): $45
    • First attorney meeting: $195
    • Retainer for attorney: $2000
    • Business Articles & Submission fee: $75
2. Website, Marketing and Printing
  • Website setup, protection, and theme (w/business plan): $438
  • Printing, posters, marketing creation, banner, postcards, wristbands, supplies & contracts: $950
  • Retainer for photographer for survivor project video for Kick at Darkness launch & event: $200
FUNDS RAISED So Far (ALL sitting in an account and waiting for the upcoming expenses listed below)+$1,582.89
  • Teams of people have given a total of $1,582.89 (after the fees from GoFundMe or PayPal)
    • Upcoming Expenses: -$850 filing fee for complete IRS business plan
    • CPA retainer and business plan creation: -$3500 & unknown filing fee
  • As you can see — WE STILL NEED LOTS OF HELP to get started

Will You Join Us?

Help Kick at Darkness get UP and OVER this GIANT mountain before us — push, pull, support, drag, or share!
  • Then we can run and LAUNCH into the future of helping survivors
  • Please consider joining us so we can run forward and change the world
  • Here is the link to our GoFundMe account (please share!)
    • Where you can donate (OR you can share with someone like…)
    • Your friends can donate
    • The mailman can donate
    • The shop clerks can donate
    • Waldo can donate …

Thank you for being there to listen, surround us with hope and faith, and for loving us through this. Thank you to our supporters and sponsors, thank you to our friends and family who have rallied around. And thank you to the Power behind all of these amazing pieces where change, hope, and resounding healing will transform us and then the world. 


#ThankYouForBeingAmazing #LetsDoThis #ChangeTheWorld #IAmSOVeryExcited #AndYesHashtagsAreMyGig #BatmanApproves
With all that I am, and rearing to change the world,


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Billi Joy Carson
President | Kick at Darkness
Join us on Social Media: | Twitter: @KickDarknessNow | Instagram: @KickAtDarkness